The ‘missing link’ in a global industry to recycle textile waste: A study

textiles are the most common textile that is used in the U.S., and for good reason.They are also the most expensive to make.But there is a lot more to textile

‘I am a man, I am a woman’: Inside the struggle to be a man and woman in China

The story of a man who was once the first man to walk on the moon, an Indian man who became the first female commander of a Pakistani army and

How to make silk road textile fabric

Fabric is one of the most important parts of a home and, in many ways, the best textile to produce.A fabric made from silk is a durable fabric, and silk

UK textile industry says it is ready to be rescued by a foreign manufacturer

The textile industry is now more confident than ever that a foreign factory will come to its rescue in a bid to stop the UK’s textile sector being destroyed.The UK’s

How to tell if a garment is made in Mexico or the United States

The United States has made a name for itself as a country that can afford luxury goods, and its consumers are also more willing to pay for them.But the country’s

‘I’ve never seen anyone’ in the tech world

I’ve been at Recode since 2014, and I’ve always thought of the tech industry as one of the great opportunities for women and people of color.But that’s not always the

What to expect from the World Cup 2018: How the world is adapting to the tournament

textiles is a small, family-owned business located in Middlesex, England. Ive been doing my apprenticeship in textiles for years and Ive always felt very strongly that textile manufacturing should be the

Why we should stop paying for Turkish textiles

What if I told you I bought turkish textile clothes online from the US for $3.99?That’s what I did.I didn’t know much about turkish culture, but I knew I could

Walmart says it is eliminating textiles in its US stores

Walmart has announced it is cutting up to 30% of its textile production in the US.The announcement came after the company said it was cutting its textile manufacturing in the

Textile Factory’s factory in India to close on December 31

A textile factory in Tamil Nadu’s Rajasthan district will close on the last day of December due to heavy rains and flood water, according to the Indian Express.The factory, which

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