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New York Times article New Yorkers will no longer have to endure a wait for a window to open, thanks to a window-free future.

New York City is rolling out a windowless, glass-free citywide policy, with the goal of cutting down on emissions.

It’s part of a $1.5 trillion plan to cut CO2 emissions and boost efficiency, with city officials also encouraging residents to switch to using energy-efficient cars.

Read more: What you need to know about New York’s window-less planThe plan is part of the city’s $1 billion plan to fight climate change and energy efficiency, which includes $500 million to install a pilot window-based lighting program in the city.

The city is now rolling out the program to a large number of businesses, as well as the city-owned transit agency, and it’s set to be rolled out nationwide by 2020.

According to the New York Post, the pilot program will cover a large portion of the commercial district, and will require that businesses “provide at least one light fixture per customer.”

New York officials hope to see an increase in the number of windowless businesses by 2020, as more businesses choose to switch over to using a single window.

The pilot program is part to a $500m program to install windowless lighting in the NYC commercial district.

The lighting is meant to reduce energy use and improve air quality in commercial areas, according to the Post.

According a New York Daily News article, a small percentage of businesses will be allowed to use the new windowless window policy to make use of lighting to reduce CO2.

The windowless pilot will only apply to those businesses that want to use a single light fixture, with businesses that use multiple fixtures still required to follow the existing lighting rules.

Read more: New York city’s windowless program to help cut down on CO2 is here to stayWhile New York will no doubt see an uptick in the use of glass-based products in commercial spaces, it won’t be as drastic as other cities.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some people are already starting to embrace the new rules.

The Wall Street News reported that several people in New York are already using a glass window.

One of the people, a New Yorker, told the publication that “I’ve been working in a lot of retail and restaurants and now I’m just using it as a window for my own work.”

Another New Yorker told the paper that “the idea of window-sitting for the window is really great, I’ve been doing that for years and now that I can do it, I’m glad to have done it.”

According to The New York Observer, many people are starting to adopt the new glass-siting policy, as people are realizing that they have a window, and they have to use it.

“They’re realizing that, hey, I have a place where I can use my windows,” one man told the Observer.

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