How to tell if your favorite french textile manufacturer is a cotton mill, textiles maker says

June 21, 2021 0 Comments

A century-old cotton factory in French town of Kendor is one of the oldest in France and one of only a handful of such mills in the country.

It is one reason why many textile workers who are in the textile industry say they feel they have no choice but to work there.

But workers say the factories are rife with health problems, including high levels of lead and other toxins that the French government is trying to ban in the industry.

The government has banned the use of lead in industrial fibers and banned the manufacture of lead-based paint and paints for industrial use.

The textile industry, one of France’s largest, employs 1.5 million people.

It produces clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories.

The workers have to be screened annually for lead poisoning, which causes lead poisoning and can cause kidney and liver damage.

In a survey of textile workers in France, Kendor textile worker Maris Mertens said she had been sick with the disease for nearly two years and was taking three medicines daily.

She said her children have had lead poisoning.

Mertins, who said she has worked in the plant for more than 70 years, said that the workers have been poisoned at least five times and that some workers died because they had too much blood in their systems.

She added that she had received threats against her from workers who said they would not have to work if she took her health seriously.

In addition to the plant, the workers also work in factories in other parts of the country and in the capital, Paris, where they are employed as subcontractors.

Mertonens said that her factory has been in the process of being closed down because of the lead problems, and the workers had been waiting to be fired for two years.

She also said that she was forced to take more medication to control her blood pressure.

“I was in pain because I couldn’t do anything, so I needed help,” Mertonins said.

She did not want to be identified by name because she feared retaliation from the plant’s owner.

The company said that in the past year, it had conducted tests on workers and found that the chemicals used in the production process are safe.

“Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of our workers,” said Pierre Cimade, a spokesman for the company, which is based in the western town of Sainte-Geneviève, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) northwest of Paris.

He said that while the company had conducted the tests on its own employees, it would not comment on any other company or its workers.

The worker who is on a waiting list for a job in the company’s plant, Mertonen, said she was given a letter from a health care provider on Sept. 10 saying that she needed to be hospitalized for lead exposure.

The letter, signed by a doctor at the company hospital, said the worker had tested positive for lead, and that she would have to stay at home for six weeks.

She is being treated in the factory and is expected to be discharged from the hospital on Oct. 2.

“The only way to stop this is to give my workers the help they need,” Mertensen said.

“What they are being told is not true, because I was not poisoned at all.

They are telling me I must go to the hospital.”

She said that after she left the plant last year, she started taking more medication and was also taking two supplements.

The French government’s ban on lead was approved by the French Parliament in June but has not yet been put into effect.

Mere weeks after the health care worker was told she needed help, the plant closed its doors.

The factory is in the outskirts of Paris, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northeast of the city of Clermont-Ferrand.

In the meantime, the French authorities have been in negotiations with the plant owner to make the plant operational again.

The plant, which has been operating since the 1940s, is not connected to the city’s sewers and relies on water from the city.

It was started by the family of the late Cezanne Dessus, the wife of the local mayor.

The former mayor of Clerc, Jean-Marie Dessuss, died in 1997 and was buried at his estate.

His son, the current mayor, Jean Baudoin, is a member of the government and was a cabinet member in the early years of the French Revolution.

The Dessuses own a building that is in front of the former mayor’s home.

The family said the plant would be restored once the plant was up and running again.

They said they will not accept a closure without a serious investigation.

Mernits parents said they were devastated to learn of the company closing down.

“My mother was a very hard worker.

She worked her whole life.

She didn’t have money, she didn’t work overtime.

She was very proud of her children

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