Eugene textile center sells halal textile

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

Eugene textile and apparel company Dubow textile center in California will start selling halal cloth products to the United States in the coming months, a company official said.

Dubow, which specializes in halal textile and accessories, will launch a global market in 2020 with an expected first shipment in 2019, Dubow CEO Mohammed Qais said.

The company’s first products will be sold at its Portland, Oregon headquarters.

Dubows global customer base includes several Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Qais added.

The Oregon-based company will be working with its suppliers to ensure they have a standard of quality and are in compliance with local laws.

Qais said he expects to continue operating in the Portland market.

The Eugene textile plant was recently purchased by Janssen AG, the largest U.S. textile supplier to China.

The U.K. retailer also announced plans to sell halal products in Europe, where it operates stores.

It is not clear how long the new operations will remain open.