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New Zealand has been the top earner in the world for the last four years, and the latest figures show that its population has grown by a further two million people.

Photo: Simon Hradecky / Getty Images The country’s population grew by a total of 2.1 million in the last fiscal year, to nearly 11 million.

The population is now at 13.9 million, up by about 8 million people in the past four years.

“In terms of growth, New Zealand’s population has more than doubled since 2010,” Statistics New Zealand said.

“This is a trend we are not seeing anywhere else in the OECD.”

The latest growth is mostly driven by growth in the urban and rural areas of the country.

“It is an exciting time to be New Zealand.”

It is the second-fastest growing population in the Asia Pacific region after China.

In terms of absolute numbers, the country now has the fourth-highest population growth rate in the developed world behind Japan, the United States and Germany.

The country is also second only to the US in the number of people aged 15-64.

“The population growth in New Zealand is being driven by people living longer, which is good news,” the government said.

“Our population is ageing and the population growth is accelerating.

The rate of population growth, particularly in older age groups, is lower than in many other countries.”

A new survey from Ipsos MORI also showed that more than half of New Zealanders (54%) said they had seen a health visitor, while 42% had been treated by a health professional.

More than half (56%) of those surveyed had a medical condition they could not control, such as diabetes or heart disease.

More: A survey by Ipsos Mori of New York City’s middle class found that more people (71%) said that they had been physically attacked in the previous month than in any other year in the survey.

More: A New York Times/CBS News poll found that Americans were more likely to see a health care provider than in the rest of the world, with 81% saying they would seek help from a doctor or nurse in the event of a problem.

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