When Venezuela’s textile designer jobs are shrinking – and that could spell disaster for the country

August 5, 2021 0 Comments

The textile industry has been devastated by the government’s austerity measures. 

The textile sector, the backbone of Venezuela’s economy, has lost more than 40% of its workforce since 2008.

It has been in recession since 2013. 

Venezuela’s economy has also been in crisis since 2013, when President Nicolás Maduro took office. 

Maduro is struggling to manage a debt crisis caused by the economic sanctions imposed by the United States. 

In 2017, the country’s economic growth slowed to 2.9% and unemployment stood at around 13%. 

Maduriz was the first leader to take office after the crisis. 

Today, the government has been unable to pay salaries to the majority of its workers, leaving them to work in a factory, a home, a farm or a service job. 

Some of the textile workers have left their jobs to work at the garment factories, or have chosen to find alternative work in other sectors. 

Many of the workers are illiterate, with many being left to fend for themselves.

A new study released by the Center for Economics and Development (CEED) found that the number of textile designers in Venezuela is shrinking.

The CED, a nonprofit think tank, estimates that the textile industry in Venezuela has lost around 3,500 textile designers since 2008, when Maduro took power. 

According to CED data, the textile sector employed 2,700 people in the last year alone. 

At the end of April, a group of textile design workers at a textile company in Caracas was told by the company that they would lose their jobs, according to the report. 

A month later, the workers found themselves on the streets of Caracas. 

“We were told to come and pick cotton, but we didn’t have any money,” a woman who was working as a model told Reuters.

“I don’t have money, so I went to a friend, but the friend had no money either.

So I went with her to the store, and then I told the boss to pay the workers,” the woman said.

After the workers’ ordeal, the company decided to shut down.

But the textile company says it is trying to keep the workers employed.

Despite the economic crisis and the threat of unemployment, Venezuela’s clothing industry continues to thrive.

In 2016, Venezuela was the seventh-most-populous country in the world.

More than half of all clothing sold in Venezuela in 2016 was made in the country.

The government says that the industry contributes about 5% to the countrys GDP.

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