A textile shop in Phoenix is closing its doors after 10 years in business

August 7, 2021 0 Comments

Phoenix is not the only place where the internet is taking hold.

The textiles market is shrinking, too.

But, like Phoenix, it’s also a market with a unique, niche appeal, a small but thriving community of handmade textiles and a strong community of buyers and sellers.

The city’s first-time textile market is located in a tiny building in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

Its storefront, on the corner of a strip mall and a bar, has a few items from local artists.

And a few handmade items from around the world.

It’s a small, family-owned business.

And it’s been doing it for 10 years.

“We do everything in house,” said Angelica Vittorio, a local artist.

“We do the sewing.

We do the dyeing, we do the printing.

We even do the finishing.”

Vittorio says that while she’s always been involved in the business, this is her first time selling handmade textile goods.

“I’ve always been interested in the craft and I’ve always loved the fabric and the yarn,” she said.

“I think it’s the people that come in here that bring a different side to this, and that’s why it’s so great.

They’re just so passionate about their work.

They love it.”

Visseria’s handmade items are hand-stitched on site, with an attention to detail that’s hard to find in most stores.

She said they have more than 500 items in stock, including some jewelry, earrings, and hats.

And even though she’s only been selling textiles for a few months, she’s already noticed an increase in demand.

“It’s so easy,” Vittoria said.

“Every day I get calls from people wanting to sell their textiles because they’re so beautiful and they’re the right size.

People who want to make sure that they have the right yarn.”

Her shop is a haven for people who want a piece of history to wear and are looking to buy a piece that’s unique to them.

“When I open the door, I see a lot of things that I’ve never seen before,” she explained.

“Some of the things that you see in the past are very traditional and they look like something you would see in an old book.

You can’t get the same thing anywhere else.

It’s something that I want to be able to show people and show people in my shop that you can be proud to be an American and still be a citizen of the United States of America.”

Vigtoria said she was inspired to open up her shop when she heard about the Affordable Care Act and her own struggles.

“There was so much hate coming from our side,” she recalled.

“You know, we have no insurance.

We have no health insurance.

And there’s people who were on Medicaid, who were being denied healthcare because they were uninsured.

I had heard about all of that, and I was so angry that we were being discriminated against.”

For many of her customers, Vittori said, the message is clear.

They want a textile that feels like home.

“That’s why we do what we do,” she added.

And that’s what the owners of Phoenix’s first textile shop are trying to change.

“The whole idea behind this shop is to bring back the original,” Vessario said.

Vittio and her husband, Jose Vittorres, opened their shop 10 years ago.

But they’ve struggled with maintaining a steady profit since the beginning.

The Vittores have learned that the business is no longer a small business.

The couple started selling online and even a few years ago they opened a brick-and-mortar store in Arizona.

But that’s not where they’re at right now.

They’ve also learned to keep a healthy cashflow and they can’t afford to keep up with the demand.

They have a small staff and they have to put up with all the hassle that comes with being a handmade textilist.

“Right now, we’re kind of struggling with our cashflow,” Vistoria said with a laugh.

“But if we had a store like this, we’d be able for us to go back and have a business and a life.”

So why are they selling their handmade textiled items?

“We sell handmade textils because we love making them,” Vissorio said.

And we want to give back.

“The couple is currently in the process of closing the shop, and will be shutting it down completely next month.

They plan to reopen in three months.

Vittori, who is originally from Spain, has been sewing since she was 10.

“My mom was sewing, my grandmother was sewing. “

It’s like my first love,” she exclaimed.

“My mom was sewing, my grandmother was sewing.

And she died when I was young.

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