How to choose a silk-screening company in London

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

When you’re in search of a new silk-making company in your area, it can be tricky to choose just one, as you’ll need to research several companies to find one that fits your needs.

Here are the top 5 silk-crafting companies in London, sorted by the number of silk screens they offer.


Dutscher, London The silk screen fabric in Dutsecher’s silk fabrics is made from the finest silk.

The fabrics are made from silk fibers with a high degree of durability and are the ideal fabric for any wedding dress, silk suit, silk bathrobe or silk tuxedo.

Dutoks fabric is also available in various types of silk and other fabrics.


Duro, London Duro fabrics are also made from natural silk, and are also available for silk shirts, silk pants, silk socks, silk shoes, and silk hats.

Dura fabric is made with natural silk.


M&M, London M&Ms silk is sourced from a sustainable factory, with a sustainable cotton base.

M-M has a global footprint and is known for its quality silk, which is made by hand and uses sustainable methods of production.


Parma Silk, London Silk from a factory in the north of Italy.


The Silk Shop, London Parma is an international designer label based in the UK, with an international presence.

Silk from one of its silk-producing plants is processed and sent to the UK for silk screen fabrics.

The Parma team uses a variety of techniques, from traditional weaving techniques to modern manufacturing techniques, to produce high-quality silk screen.

They have a range of silk screen silk products, including wedding dresses, silk suits, silk trousers, silk sweaters, and even silk sweater accessories.


The Midsilver Silk Company, London Located in Northampton, The Midstone Silk Company’s silk fabric is hand-selected to suit a variety and colour of clients.

Silk fabrics are sourced from one or more of the company’s textile mills.


Dua Silk, Londonderry, Northern Ireland The Dua silk fabric used in the fabrics of Dua’s wedding dress and silk bathrobes and other products is sourced locally.


Aussie Silk, Melbourne The Aussie silk fabric in the Midsilicate silk fabrics are hand-picked to suit all of the Middays customers.


Silk, Dublin Silk fabrics from the Duro factory are used in all the M&MS silk fabrics in the world.


Dushanbe Silk, Beijing Silk fabrics made from Chinese silk are made by the Dushane silk cloth factory.


Doha Silk, Qatar Silk fabrics in Doha are sourced directly from the local Doha silk cloth mill.


L.M.I. Silk Company L. M.I., one of the largest silk companies in the globe, is the world’s largest silk screen cloth supplier.


Dots Silk, Leeds Silk fabrics and textile products made by Dots in Leeds, England are sold in the Doha and Dubai markets.


Piedmont Silk, Toronto Piedmons silk fabrics, silk shirts and silk pants are available in all major silk-market markets.


The Lush Factory, New York L. Lush, the world leader in silk screen and silk clothing, is a family owned company, which has a presence in London.

The company is based in New York City, with its headquarters in London and other locations around the world, as well as a large factory in Hong Kong.


Aeon Silk, Glasgow Silk fabrics, wedding dresses and silk tights are available for sale in Glasgow.


Jana Silk, Mumbai The Jana silk fabric from the Jana cotton mills is the mainstay of the Indian silk screen market.

The J. J. A. Lait silk fabrics from Maharashtra are also used in some of the silk screen products made in India.


Bamboo and Silk, New Zealand Bamboo silk fabrics made in the Bamboo fabric mills in New Zealand are also exported to the US and Europe.


Mink Silk, Sydney The silk fabrics of Mink’s silk-blend wedding dresses are sourced and manufactured in the New South Wales region of Australia.


Puma Silk, Hong Kong The Puma silk fabric of the Puma fabric factory is sourced and crafted in Hong Kong, China.


P&G, London Bamboo fabrics are available to the world through the P&Gs silk fabric fabric store, and the silk fabrics produced by P&gs silk fabric factory are also sold at P&GC.


Allegany Silk, Oxford The silk fabric made from Alleans cotton is the fabric used by Allegans silk fabric mill in Oxford.


Silk Screen, San Francisco Silk fabrics make up

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