How to avoid being a homeless ‘loser’ in Bay State textiles

A Bay State couple said their “loser” in a recent online survey was a single mom whose husband didn’t want to work and whose two daughters were still enrolled in school.

The survey of 8,000 people was conducted on May 11 by Bay State Textiles and Marketing, a website run by the company that runs a Bay State shopping mall.

The couple, who live in the Bay Area and were identified only by their first name, said they were not the winners of the survey.

The online survey asked people to rate how much they liked and disliked a range of brands.

Among the brands chosen were “Bay State Textile” and “Baystate” and the winner was Bay State.

The company’s CEO, Jim Lutz, told NBC Bay Area that the survey was not meant to be insulting to Bay State or to people who use it.

But, he said, it was meant to get a sense of how people perceive Bay State, Lutz said.

He said Bay State sells items that are not typical for Bay State and is not a top seller for Bay County.

But the company’s survey was riddled with inaccuracies and omissions.

It also gave inaccurate ratings on the brands, including the ones Bay State said it was offering.

For example, a Bay St. customer named “Sue” said she liked Bay St., the brand, but that her husband, who is a Bay Valley resident, doesn’t like it and that he doesn’t think he will buy it.

Lutz told NBC that he never said “Bay St.” in the survey, and that Sue never said Bay St in her online survey.

A Bay Valley customer named John was asked to rate his liking for Bay Valley and Bay St.-branded clothing.

John said he likes Bay St-branded clothing, but he didn’t think it was Bay St’s top seller.

John said that Bay St has been a top-selling Bay Valley brand since 2006.

He also said that the Bay St brand doesn’t carry his wife’s name.

Lutz said the company did its best to check the answers, but the survey data was incomplete.

He declined to say how many Bay State customers it had, but said that there are a lot.

“A lot of people think they are losing, but they are really not,” he said.

“They are just being a loser.”

A spokeswoman for Bay St told NBC the company doesn’t comment on individual consumers.

The Bay St spokesman said the survey included many questions that did not accurately represent the views of the company.

He said that they added more questions later, but declined to identify the ones they removed.

The spokesman said that it took Bay St more than a year to get its online survey out.

He added that the company has no plans to sell Bay St products in the near future.

The spokeswoman said that if Bay St is looking to sell some Bay Valley items, that would be fine.

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