When will China’s manufacturing sector get a boost?

When will the Chinese manufacturing sector catch up with the US in terms of quality, innovation, and productivity?

We have some insight from the experts in the field.

Mimi Kornhauser, a senior research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, has spent the last decade studying the dynamics of the Chinese economy and manufacturing.

She believes that China’s capacity to innovate and create a strong manufacturing sector will come with time.

She explained:The question we really want to ask is how fast will China get its manufacturing capacity up to the same level as the US.

That’s something that’s been on the minds of many.

We want to see the pace of the acceleration of that change accelerate.

The answer to that question is really quite straightforward.

In a sense, China has an enormous amount of capacity, but there are some challenges to its capacity.

That is to say, if China wants to get into the manufacturing space, it needs to make a significant investment.

The U.S. has invested a great deal in its manufacturing sector in the last 10 to 15 years.

We’ve invested billions of dollars in the technology and research infrastructure, but those investments haven’t kept pace with the increase in China’s productivity and productivity per worker.

In other words, China’s factories have not been producing enough.

China has a lot of capital in its economy and it has an immense amount of technology.

So, to really make a difference in the competitiveness of the economy, China needs to really invest in its technology, especially in the manufacturing sector.

China is currently spending a lot in its factories, and China is going to continue to do so.

China will invest heavily, and its economic growth is going the other way.

If China really wants to be competitive in the global marketplace, it will have to invest heavily in its technological development, as well as invest in the investment in research and development and manufacturing that the U.N. and the other countries have put into the sector.

Kornhausinger says that the Chinese government should look at ways to encourage the U,S.

and other countries to invest in China, to build on the Chinese investment that they have made in their own manufacturing sectors.

She believes that the United States will have the best chance to catch up in terms, if not in terms to the next generation of innovation and productivity.

She also says that China should look to the countries in the European Union, Canada, and Japan, where they have much greater investment in their manufacturing sectors and the technology infrastructure.

Karmel Deutsch, an associate professor at Georgetown University’s Center for China Studies, agrees that the best way to make sure that China can continue to develop the technology, and the knowledge that it has in terms.

Deutsch said:The key to getting that [technology] up to that level, is to really get it into China’s hands.

It’s not going to happen overnight, and I think the United State and the rest of the world will have a big challenge in getting that up to their manufacturing capabilities.

She added that the pace and intensity of innovation in China is not matched in the U.

“It’s going to take time.

The problem is China is very, very dependent on the U., and the U is very dependent in terms on China, and both are very reliant on each other.

But if China’s investment in its industry and the people that are manufacturing it, if it can continue and really get the technology up to a high level, that will really enable China to be the world leader in this technology.

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