Wearing a pair of designer jeans for $5,000 is no easy feat

It’s no surprise that designers make $500k+ in the US, and that’s a lot of money.

But what if you could wear designer jeans on a daily basis for a little less than $5k a year?

The answer is you could do it.

 That’s the thesis behind the new app,  Designer Jeans for $0 (and $10k in the UK).

The startup has partnered with designer jeans brand L.L. Bean, who’s selling a $50 pair for just $2,000.

The company says they have no intention of using the money to produce jeans, instead making it a way to help women start their own business, and for the first time, a company that doesn’t pay any taxes. 

“When we launched Designer Jeants for $10,000 in December, we didn’t anticipate that our mission would be to create a platform for women to be able to earn $10K a year,” CEO and cofounder Rebecca Buhs said in a statement.

“We’ve seen countless women across the world using our platform to launch their own businesses, and now we’re proud to help them achieve that goal.”

The startup’s app, which was launched earlier this month, is a little different than the ones you’d find on other platforms.

Rather than requiring users to sign up for a service or register an account, the company has built an API to make it easier for users to create their own outfits and tailor them to their own needs.

The app works with L.E.

L Bean’s brand, which offers a range of designer and casual clothing.

You’ll be able use the app to find clothing from brands like Burberry, Jil Sander, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and more.

Buh’s said that she’s currently in talks with LL Bean to get their brand into the app.

“This is a platform where women can be their own boss, where they can start their business and be successful at it,” she said.

This new startup isn’t the first to create clothing-focused apps.

Earlier this year, L.A.-based app company Poppa, launched its own clothing app, but it didn’t provide the same level of flexibility or customization.

Designer Jeans has set out to solve those issues.

The app is free and comes with the ability to upload your own images, and the company is also making a range the user can purchase through a website called Laundry.

This means that the clothes can be worn by anyone who wants to.

Buhs added that the company does not have plans to sell the clothes.

Instead, the clothes are simply designed to be used by the user, and can be resold.

And because the clothes have been designed to last for a very long time, the designer jeans will be more durable than the average designer denim.

Like other platforms, the designer jeans app will also come with a laundry service, which means you can wash them at home, or even in the laundry room.

Laundy is available for $25 a month, or $25/month for three months. 

The startup has also partnered with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which will allow users to register for a $20 monthly membership.

So far, the app has only been available in the United States, but if it works well in the rest of the world, Buh said she thinks that it could be expanded.

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