How a mill in the 1800s made textile textiles affordable and durable

An industrial mill in a small village in northwestern China made textiles from cotton and linen. 

The mill was operated by a company called Jiehong Zhongshan, or Jiajin, in the late 1800s. 

The mill, called Jiajiu or the Cotton Mill, made textile textile goods for the local village and used the mill’s machines to process the cotton and wool, the Associated Press reported. 

“The mills were a very small one,” said Guo Shuanfeng, the head of the Jiaju’s textile department, in an AP interview.

“The factory had five or six machines. 

A total of about 20 people worked in the mill, working in different positions.” 

Jiajius cotton was made from cotton fibers and was sold to other mills in the area. 

In the 19th century, the mill also made cloth from cotton, silk, and other fibers. 

When Jiajis cotton was being sold, its price would go up to a certain amount, said Gu, but the cotton’s price would not change. 

At the end of the milling process, Jiajiang made the clothes for local villagers, said Jia, but Jia said the factory would never sell its textiles for profit. 

After the mill closed in 1894, the factory moved to another location in nearby Hunan province. 

 By the early 20th century the textile mill had expanded to manufacture textiles in the same way, but it did not close its doors. 

By then, Jiejis textile production was so lucrative that JiaJis textile company, Jialiang, was formed, according to the Associated New England Journal. 

Jiejians textile production expanded in the 20th Century to become one of the biggest mills in China, producing more than 60,000,000 tons of cotton cloth a year, according the New York Times. 

Despite being a small mill in its day, Jiijian still makes textiles that are sold in other factories in China and the United States, according Jia. 

This mill still exists today, and has expanded to become a mill that has been producing textiles. 

But this is not the first time the mill has come to the fore in the Chinese textile industry. 

During the 1920s and 1930s, Jiahi was the major textile mill in Hunan and also produced a number of other products, including paper, shoes, and clothing. 

Today, Jaijia’s production of textiles is also being expanded. 

According to Gu, Jias mill is not only the largest in China. 

It is also the largest industrial mill that uses a single type of machine and a single product, according AP. 

Since its founding in 1892, Jiojia has produced textiles such as cotton and cotton-blend textiles, silk fabrics, silk yarns, and silk fabrics made from silk, the AP reported.

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