How to recycle your textiles in a modern way

Posted January 20, 2019 07:02:13Textiles and apparel are a growing source of economic growth, but many people are still looking to save money and recycle their old clothes.

Here’s how to make sure your clothes and shoes are reusable and eco-friendly, while also protecting the environment.1.

Choose the right fabrics and materialsFor the most eco-friendly clothes, choose recycled fabrics and recycled materials, according to Kimberly-Clark.

“We have made a point to make a list of the most important recycled materials and fabrics to consider when choosing the fabric for your clothing and shoes,” Kimberly-Clintons spokesperson Lauren Sargent told Mashable.

“For garments and accessories that are not going to be re-purposed, we suggest using recycled materials that have been used and recycled in the United States for decades.”2.

Choose reusable packaging and packaging that’s free2.

Select recyclable materials for your clothesA great way to save on your packaging costs is to use reusable packaging, according Matt Liss, a professor of design at Georgia Tech.

“Reusable packaging helps make your packaging more sustainable and environmentally friendly,” Liss told Mashables.

“The materials and packaging in your packaging can be recycled, and you can then reuse them again.

This makes it easier for your recycling program to stay on track.”3.

Make sure your packaging is made of the right material and fabricIf you’re not recycling your packaging and want to save a few bucks, you can always opt to reuse a certain type of packaging.

“If you can find recycled materials to use for your recycled packaging, there are plenty of companies that offer products that are both eco- and recyclically friendly,” said Sargant.

“Just remember to choose materials that are free of plasticizers, chemicals, and heavy metals.

You can also choose to use materials that can be reused and recycled again.”4.

Make it easy to reuse your packagingThe easiest way to reuse packaging and recycle it is to keep the items you reuse in the same container, Liss said.

“That way, they can be resold or reused and used again,” he added.

“Make sure that the items are in the exact same packaging, and that the materials you reuse are the same ones you used before.”5.

Take a look at the materials used in packaging for your reusing3.

Consider making your own reusable packagingSome companies offer free online kits for making your packaging eco-trendy.

For instance, Green Dot Packaging offers kits to create reusable packaging that can fit in your closet or office.

They also offer free packaging to anyone who wants to make their own.

“Packaging is not just about putting your new clothing in your bag, it’s about having the space to keep it, making it look like a gift, and having the best of both worlds,” Green Dot’s co-founder and CEO, James L. Hester told Mash.

“Our products are designed to make your life easier, so it’s really up to you to decide if this is the right kit for you.”6.

Buy recyclables and get them recycledThe best way to recycle recyclates is to recycle them into products and services, Sarged said.

The easiest way is to buy them from companies that are environmentally friendly.

“Buy any item that is recyclably-sourced,” she said.

Sargents company Green Dot makes some of the best recyclablized products on the market.

“These products are made with recycled materials from the environment, and we offer them at a great value,” she added.7.

Find a recycling center and get in touch with the recycling partnersFor some businesses, the best way for you to recycle is by contacting the recycling centers, according Sargens.

“Call them to ask about how you can help the environment and get your recycling back,” she explained.

“Sometimes you may get a response within a week or so, and they’ll have some sort of incentive to recycle more.”8.

Make your own recyclability bags and bags for your wasteIf you don’t want to spend too much money on recycling, consider making your very own reusable bags, Lisss said.

They are made of a blend of recycled materials like polyester, nylon, and polyester blends, which make them eco-conscious.

“You can make your own bag that is reusable and recycled,” she told Mash, “or you can choose to buy a bag from one of the major manufacturers.”9.

Learn about recycling and recycling resourcesCommunity organizations have been partnering with local businesses to make recycling easier and more sustainable.

For example, The Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA) offers recycling guides and education materials.

“If you want to get your waste in your community to be recycled and recycled, there’s a lot of resources out there,” said OCA founder and CEO Jana White.

“Whether you’re a local nonprofit or

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