How to make $1.6m with your Instagram post (video)

The world of social media is changing, and Instagram has found a new way to make money.

In a new video, the company’s chief executive officer Kevin Systrom tells a story of a few years ago, when he was still a young startup founder and he was just starting to think about monetizing Instagram.

Systrom explains how he started with $100 worth of Instagram ads and spent a few months building a business out of it, and how it took off in the following years.

When you’re on Instagram, you get to know people that you really like and maybe even like a lot.

Instagram has a bunch of paid apps that you can use to post your own photos, videos, and videos, as well as ads, that are not necessarily associated with your real name.

Systman also said that, like Google and Facebook, Instagram also offers paid content on its platform.

But unlike those two companies, Instagram doesn’t have to pay people to post ads on its service.

It’s up to people to use the product.

Instagram is a business, so the more money you make from Instagram, the more of a piece you have with Instagram.

So if you make $500 per post and you’ve got over 30,000 followers, you can actually be a part of Instagram.

But you have to work out how to make a lot of money.

The company has a number of different paid platforms on its mobile app, but the most popular is paid video.

It offers paid ads, which Systrom said is an extremely lucrative opportunity.

Systsons company, AdWords, has made more than $500 million from ads on Instagram in the past year alone.

That makes him the company chief executive.

But Systmans story has a lot to do with how Instagram started.

In 2013, Systrom, who had just graduated from Harvard Business School, was building a company called Aperture, which had built a product called an algorithm to help companies identify users.

But the company also built an ad service, and Systons business idea was to use that to build a video app that would make people more aware of what they were seeing on Instagram.

“So we were building the company with an idea of how we could monetize Instagram, and we were trying to get some money for it,” Systson told Business Insider.

But Instagram wasn’t yet big enough to take advantage of the ad revenue.

So Systrom decided to build his own video ad platform.

It was the beginning of what became AdWords.

“A lot of the problems that people were having were that the ad networks didn’t pay,” Systrom told Business Insiders.

So he decided to try and build a service that would.

The idea of AdWords was to monetize your video content, and he made it clear to his team that he was looking to monetise all of his content.

That meant that they were going to have to build out a lot more of their own content than the platform was willing to.

So AdWords became a way for AdWords to monetizing its own content.

So, the idea was that people would buy from AdWords and send those ads to their own Instagram accounts.

“What I found is that there are actually quite a few people that have their own AdWords accounts and they spend a lot less money on those accounts than they would if they were buying from Instagram,” Systson said.

Systrmans company is one of the biggest advertisers on Instagram today.

It also has a big chunk of the company, about 70 percent, Systsom told BusinessInsiders.

But there are other companies that also have AdWords as a part-time revenue stream, and it’s a lot harder to get them to make their ads available on the platform.

Systenys company also has revenue sharing with the platforms it works with, which means that, even if it’s not a part time revenue stream like AdWords is, it can still be monetized.

“We have a lot that we can do to make sure that we’re paying as close to full value as possible, but we have to find a way to do that,” Systenoms chief marketing officer, Ben Stansbury, told BusinessWeek.

The other big question for Systms company is how to pay the people who post the ads.

Instagram allows you to choose how much money to make from the ad and it can be a pretty good deal.

Syston said that the company is trying to make AdWords more attractive to advertisers and is trying things like offering a premium service to get more of them to use AdWords ads.

He said that there will also be a “very aggressive” program to try to get advertisers to share revenue with AdWords instead of Instagram, so that Instagram doesn, too.

“There’s going to be a number that we’ll try to monetization, and one of them is that the revenue share that we get from our AdWords partners is going to give

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