A new textiles plant in Japan will save more than 50,000 lives

Japanese textile companies are working to produce textiles with more than half the world’s supply of the ingredient for latex, a chemical that makes them more breathable, and more resistant to wind.

The plant is a collaborative effort between the textile giant Kumamoto Mills and the University of Tsukuba.

The company plans to manufacture textiles at its Kumamoto factory for five years, with plans to export them around the world, according to a statement from Kumamoto and Tsukuba, the company that manages the plant.

It will make up to 100,000 garments a year, a company spokesman said.

Kumamoto’s Kumamoto Textiles plant is in a remote village near the Japanese town of Kumamoto in Tsukuba prefecture.

The plant, located in Kumamoto City, has been producing latex for about 30 years.

Since 2003, it has used the latex extracted from an abandoned factory to produce some of its own textiles.

It also uses the materials for its own clothing and is developing a range of textiles for other companies, including a line of men’s clothes.

The latex is made by mixing the latex from a cow, calf, sheep, goat or other animal with a water-soluble chemical called boric acid, which creates a foam.

The foam then dries, softens and can be molded into clothes.

In recent years, Kumamoto has produced textiles made from recycled plastic bags and from synthetic fibers, the spokesman said, but it has never had the plant produce the raw materials for latex.

Kumawa will use the latex produced in the plant for about half of the textiles it produces in Japan.

The Japanese company is working with other textile companies around the globe to manufacture its own raw materials, the statement said.

About half of all the textile companies in the world produce latex.

About 60 percent of them are in Japan, according a U.S. study.

The U.K.-based Textile Alliance said in a statement that the new plant will be a “major boost” for the textile industry in Japan and around the Asia-Pacific region.

It’s also a significant milestone in the global textile industry, the group said.

The Textile Association said in March that Japan’s textiles industry would generate up to $1.8 trillion in GDP by 2030, up from $9.7 billion in 2013.

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