Why Trump is an embarrassment

Donald Trump is not a bad president, writes the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

But his administration is not succeeding.

The economy is in the toilet, the military is struggling, the Supreme Court is split, the country is divided.

Kristof, who joined the Times editorial board in 2014, argues that Trump is a waste of time and that his “hateful rhetoric and bigotry will continue to fuel the fires of the alt-right and white supremacists.”

In the face of Trump’s presidency, Kristof writes, we need a new president who is “a better, more effective commander in chief,” who “gets the job done,” and who “will keep us safe and secure for generations to come.”

“We need a president who can defeat ISIS, and who can rebuild our nation from the inside out,” Kristof says.

The Times’ columnist is the first Times columnist to publicly endorse Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist and Vermont senator who is leading the Democratic presidential race.

Kristoff argues that Sanders, who has a “better record” than Trump, has “a chance to beat Trump in the general election, which is the biggest race of the century.”

Sanders’ campaign has been beset by infighting, with some staffers suggesting he has no chance of winning the nomination and others saying he is too centrist.

Kristopson, who also serves as editorial page editor for the Times, is a longtime Clinton critic and has written for the conservative American Spectator.

In March, the Times published an op-ed titled “The End of the Presidency?” in which he wrote that the time has come for the Republican party to embrace the Trump phenomenon.

Kristopsons assessment of the 2016 election, however, is not without merit.

Trump is clearly the nominee, and there is little question that he will win the general elections.

Kristoppos essay, however is far from an indictment of Trump.

He is correct that Trump has “the greatest chance to win in November, if only by a narrow margin,” and that “a lot of Republicans are saying that they will vote for him in November.”

Kristof is also correct that Sanders has “an extraordinary chance to upset Trump in November,” which means that Kristof also has an extraordinary chance of defeating Trump in a general election.

The two writers’ op-eds do not provide a clear prescription for how to change the American political system, but they do highlight the importance of keeping the president in the White House, Kristopssons argument that the country needs a new leader.

Kristoffs essay is a reminder that Trump, who is not popular in the Republican Party, will not be the nominee for president in 2020.

And it is an indication that the political landscape will likely change dramatically in 2020, when the country will be voting for its next president, according to Kristofs op-Ed.

This is not to say that Trump should be excoriated, but Kristof should be held accountable for his failures.

“The Trump presidency is an abomination and a failure of the American experiment, and he is a stain on our nation,” Kristopos op-Ad concludes.

For more information: The New York City Times Opinion.

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