Why do some people feel trapped by their own fashion choices?

The popular image of the woman in the evening dress is no longer the only image of a woman who is trapped by her own fashion.

A study of over 3,000 women, conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne and University of NSW, has found that women who have chosen to have children often face a similar challenge.

The study found that the majority of women surveyed (71 per cent) were dissatisfied with their choice to have a child, while 44 per cent of those who chose to have one did not think they were having a good life.

This means that women have not been able to express their feelings and are less confident in their ability to have their own child, said the study’s author, Dr Jessica Richey, from the Australian National University’s Department of Psychology.

“These women feel trapped, they feel like their choices have failed them, and they feel trapped,” she said.

When asked how they feel about having children, nearly half of those surveyed (48 per cent), said that they were satisfied with the decision to have child.

It is important to note that the reasons why women felt trapped by choosing to have kids were not unique to the study, Dr Richeys said.

“Women in this study also felt that they had been made to feel inadequate because they had chosen to be mothers, that their choices were not reflecting their personality or beliefs,” she explained.

However, Dr Jodie Rippon, from Melbourne’s University of Technology, said that the study found a pattern of women choosing to be a mother over other choices.

For women who chose children, “being a mother meant they had to make choices and feel confident that they could be successful,” Dr Rippons said. 

“Women were told by the media that they didn’t need to be like that and they weren’t being good parents.”

In addition, “women who chose their children had more issues with being perceived as not caring for them, being unsupportive and controlling, as well as being seen as ‘other’.” These women were also more likely to have depression and anxiety.

Dr Rippington said it was not just women who felt trapped, but also other women who were struggling to have any form of child care.

Dr Rippoons work in child development is based at the Department of Education and Training.

She said there were a number of ways that young women could look at the choices they are making for themselves, and find support for their choices.

“I would suggest that women are encouraged to have the same choice, whether it is the decision of having a child or not,” Dr Jodi Rippos said.

“We need to have this dialogue, because as a society, we are doing nothing to encourage women to be parents.”

What we need is to encourage young women to have more of an opportunity to have choices about their future, because there are still a lot of things that they are not being given the opportunity to do.

“Read more about child development from The Conversation: Read the full article on The Conversation.


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