Why do some women wear trousers?

In Australia, women wear pants as part of the traditional attire to wear for funerals and funerals of widows and the like.

But some say they are a bit too casual.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that women who wear trousers have a higher rate of mortality than women who do not.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Queensland, the mortality rate for those wearing trousers is 15.3% compared to 12.9% for those not wearing trousers.

In addition, women in the study were found to have higher rates of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.

Some women also say they feel like they are getting caught in a tightrope as they try to avoid being caught out in public.

This is because they feel guilty if they don’t do their job properly, so they are less likely to speak up and be seen by others.