When buying a dress at Macy’s, you need to shop in-store

WASHINGTON — When it comes to choosing what to buy online, you want to shop at a store where you can walk in and shop with confidence.

That’s why Macy’s has decided to partner with Target in a new initiative that will allow customers to shop and pay online when they shop at the department store.

The new program is designed to offer shoppers a better shopping experience when shopping at a Target store.

In addition to allowing shoppers to pay online at the checkout, they can shop online at any of the department stores on the chain, including Macy’s and Kmart, if they are a Target customer.

For more than 30 years, Macy’s shoppers have been able to shop online and pay in-person, and now, they will be able to do so at the same time.

The program will help shoppers save money when they are shopping online, because they will not have to go to the checkout line to pay for their purchases.

“We’ve been able so many times to have great customer service,” said David Matson, vice president of consumer strategy for Macy’s.

“I think that’s what makes Macy’s the best place to shop, because we’re always making sure that we provide great customer care, and we’re never going to take a customer for granted.”

Macy’s customers can now shop online using their Visa or MasterCard debit cards, as well as Apple Pay.

The new shopping experience will start with customers who have their debit or credit cards ready.

Customers who are able to pay using their Apple Pay device will be sent a confirmation email, which will then let them enter their credit or debit card information and proceed to make their payment.

Customers who have not yet purchased their gift cards or are new to the Macy’s shopping experience, can also shop online.

The program is part of Macy’s push to attract new customers to the company.

Macy’s plans to launch an online store next year, but the company is working to make the online experience as seamless as possible.