When the Chinese economy started to collapse in 2001, textile designers were everywhere

In 2001, China’s textile industry began to collapse, as the country’s manufacturing capacity plummeted.

As a result, many textile designers in China were forced to look for work abroad.

One such designer was Wang Jianzhong, who, after fleeing his hometown of Dalian, China, to pursue a career in international fashion.

Wang was soon recruited by an Italian brand named L’Oreal.

After being hired as an assistant to the fashion designer, Wang moved to London, where he worked in a fashion studio.

He returned to China in the spring of 2002, where, despite the fact that his home country was in the midst of a financial crisis, he found work in Milan.

In the summer of 2002 he returned to Dalian to resume his work with L’Oréal.

Wang’s first assignment was to design a capsule collection of L’Oceano perfume.

In his first design, Wang combined two iconic elements of L.A. fashion—the gold-and-white floral motif and the silver-and‑blue lace motif—and added the modernist touch of Loro Piana.

Wang created a line of fragrance perfumes that would be sold at Dalian’s Fashion Week.

The first of these perfumes was the fragrance that would eventually become the flagship of Léon’s brand.

The other was L’Eau, a scent that would later be used by Chanel and by other leading European luxury brands.

After L’ Eau was introduced in 2003, the Chinese luxury market was a hot one.

A decade later, Wang’s L’ Oceano perfume was among the most popular in China.

The fragrance was made by a company named L.O.F., and was sold exclusively in the Chinese market.

Wang did a stint in Italy in 2006, where the fragrance was being made by L’Amore, a luxury brand that he had worked for previously.

He then returned to India, where L’École des Beaux Arts was also making a fragrance.

Wang then returned home to China, where after several months he had been offered a position at a new luxury brand.

At this point, Wang decided to pursue his dream and return to DAL, where his job with LéoPiana was still a possibility.

Wang returned to Beijing in the summer, where there was a big influx of new talent into the Chinese fashion industry.

Wang had been working in Milan since the summer and was still employed by L.P.A., so he was eager to move to the city.


Bean, which Wang had worked with previously, also moved into DAL in the fall of 2002.

This company had already been making the perfume for L’ Oreal, and Wang had already started work on a fragrance for L.


Wang moved in with his friends, including the then 21-year-old artist and model Zeng Yuanyi, and began his first designs for the new fragrance.

In early 2003, Wang was promoted to assistant designer and soon began working at the L.I.F. factory.

He was given the task of designing the fragrance for the L’ Écolé line, which was then being created by LoroPiana.

It was this perfume that Wang had originally planned to work on as a solo work, but L. Eau became his first collaboration with the Léol brand.

Wang continued working on L’ Léaçon, a perfume for a brand he had never worked with before.

The collaboration between Wang and L’ Oréal was the first major fashion collaboration between the two brands.

Wang also began working on the LECO line, a line for Loro brand, and was quickly promoted to senior assistant designer.

The LECON perfume was released in 2004 and had become one of the most successful fragrance perfoms of the decade.

After the LÉON perfume, Wang started to work at other luxury brands and also with Chanel, where it was also the first perfume for which he was responsible.

Wang would also return to Milan for work, eventually returning to L’ Amore in 2006.

He would then begin work at L’ Enfant luxury brand, which he had joined in 2004.

Wang and his team were working on several other fragrances that were being created for the company at the time.

By 2006, Wang and other members of the LEM team were making a series of fragrance for their own companies, including a perfume called the perfume of the year award.

Léopold’s LECOM fragrance also became the company’s most successful product of the past decade.

LECORDE is a fragrance designed by Léodien Léole of LÉOM.

The scent is a mix of floral, berry and citrus notes, with hints of rose and vanilla.

LÉODIE LECORE is a fragrance designed by the French designer Léoine Lé

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