Walmart says it is eliminating textiles in its US stores

Walmart has announced it is cutting up to 30% of its textile production in the US.

The announcement came after the company said it was cutting its textile manufacturing in the USA by 15%.

“We are making the tough decision to reduce our textile manufacturing footprint in the United States, as we have always been committed to ensuring that all of our employees have access to a diverse range of textiles,” the company’s vice president of marketing and corporate communications, Kristine Riehl, said in a statement.

“We want our suppliers and associates to be able to compete on a level playing field with the global marketplace.”

Walmart said the decision to cut production was “in the best interest of our workforce and associates and our customers.”

In November, Walmart announced that it was pulling out of the US after failing to win a patent deal with China’s Jiaotong Group, citing insufficient access to technology and the company was also facing regulatory challenges in Europe.

“As a result, we are eliminating 50% of our American textile production,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said at the time.

“We believe that the new manufacturing model, in which we manufacture in-house, is the best way to ensure we deliver our customers the quality and value we have come to expect from Walmart.”

In its statement, Walmart said it would also stop selling the textiles made by Jiautong.

“As part of the company-wide decision, Jiaotsong will continue to produce and sell textiles at our plants in Ohio and South Carolina,” Walmart said.

The decision comes as the US economy is struggling.

The unemployment rate has dropped below 7%, and the stock market is up 6% in 2016.

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