How to Buy a Walmart WalMart logo-less t-shirt

When you think of Walmart, you think about its iconic white t-shirts.They are the quintessential retail destination for shoppers looking to save money and go out of their way to

When the Chinese economy started to collapse in 2001, textile designers were everywhere

In 2001, China’s textile industry began to collapse, as the country’s manufacturing capacity plummeted.As a result, many textile designers in China were forced to look for work abroad.One such designer

What makes Berenstein’s textile art so good?

A berenstein textile is a hand woven fabric with woven thread.The name comes from the German word for a needle and thread, berenstellung, which means “twisting needle.”Berenstelung is woven with

When is a woman’s best time to wear a bra?

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that women’s best period is during their first five months of pregnancy.But this doesn’t mean they should start

What do you think of the new bikini?

In Australia, there are a handful of textile mills in the country’s north-west.But one in the remote community of Dubow has been operating in the backwaters of the Kimberley for

How to make a textile museum: the basics

Posted May 07, 2018 09:07:52 This is a tutorial on how to make an authentic textile textile museum from the inside out.In fact, you can make it yourself if you

How to make your own knoll fabrics from scratch

In a bid to revive the Knoll textile mill, a group of designers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make knoll-like fabrics from reclaimed materials.They’ve already raised $10,000 towards their

When Hemp Textiles Were Cheap, They Were Really Cheap

Textiles were the cheapest form of textiles for centuries, but as the economy boomed and demand for textiles grew, so too did the price of the material.That’s because the textile

Why is there so much hate for a woman in a bikinis

A woman’s body has a history of being made into art.In the 1950s, the woman’s breasts were often painted over to make them look more feminine.Today, women’s breasts are routinely

Why a few new jeans will make a difference in India’s cotton production

India is the world’s biggest cotton producer, producing more than 80 percent of the world total.But there is a catch: the country needs about 70 million of these jeans to

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