Adobe’s textile designer reveals what went wrong with her first print job

Textile designer Cheryl Pecora says her first printing job at Adobe was the result of a “miscommunication” after she was told she would have to use a different printer for

MMI Textiles’ president: ‘We’re a company with a lot of talent’

MMI has decided to close its U.S. and European headquarters in the coming weeks, the company’s president told The Jerusalem Times on Thursday.The company, which manufactures and markets a wide

How to Get the Best Prices for Textiles from Guatemala Textiles

A little-known company that’s been making textiles for over 20 years has a new model to suit the growing demand for cheap textiles in the developing world.Read moreThe Guatemalan company

Oaxaca Textiles: The People and the Textile Industry

Oaxacan, Mexico’s southernmost state, has been in the grips of a serious health crisis since early January.From the beginning, the outbreak has been attributed to a coronavirus outbreak, but the

Textile Mill Company 1800s Dye Factory: Why I’m Not OK With the Process

I got a call from my son this week.He’s a big fan of the new documentary film I’m Making, and he asked me if I’d be interested in talking to

Annie Macs essay: Why you should wear black and white textiles

It’s been a long time since the last time I saw black and black textiles.For a while, I just couldn’t understand how anyone could ever want to wear them.I’ve always

Textile lanes, kendor textile lanes open at the West Coast ports

Textile industry leaders say the opening of a new segment of their business will create more jobs and create a better customer experience at the port of Los Angeles, as

Japanese textile factory to close after 25 years

Japanese textile manufacturing company Phoenix Textiles has announced plans to close its Phoenix textile factory and close a new one.Phoenix Textiles, based in Fukuoka Prefecture, said in a press release

How to recycle your textiles in a modern way

Posted January 20, 2019 07:02:13Textiles and apparel are a growing source of economic growth, but many people are still looking to save money and recycle their old clothes.Here’s how to

How to make a textile machine

An old-fashioned textile machine can now be made with just one piece of the latest tech: the Raspberry Pi.With its small form factor, low price and range of sizes, the

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