What to expect from the World Cup 2018: How the world is adapting to the tournament

textiles is a small, family-owned business located in Middlesex, England. Ive been doing my apprenticeship in textiles for years and Ive always felt very strongly that textile manufacturing should be the

Walmart says it is eliminating textiles in its US stores

Walmart has announced it is cutting up to 30% of its textile production in the US.The announcement came after the company said it was cutting its textile manufacturing in the

Textile Factory’s factory in India to close on December 31

A textile factory in Tamil Nadu’s Rajasthan district will close on the last day of December due to heavy rains and flood water, according to the Indian Express.The factory, which

How to make a shirt that looks like your favorite TV show

This is the story of how a small business started selling clothes from a website, and what it takes to make that happen.Producer: Laura Cavanaugh-Schneiderlein.Special thanks to Laura Cacher for

Australia’s economy may need to be revived in light of Christmas holiday rush

By Mark EvansUpdated | December 21, 2016 06:40:38The economic downturn in Australia’s biggest economy has forced the country to revive its manufacturing industry, and it could soon have to rebuild

How to make your own bespoke textile solution

The Australian Financial Services Association (AFSA) has launched its bespoke garment design solution service, to enable you to design, fabric and build bespoke garments from scratch.The new service, which launched

Why do some people feel trapped by their own fashion choices?

The popular image of the woman in the evening dress is no longer the only image of a woman who is trapped by her own fashion.A study of over 3,000

IBM unveils ‘worlds first’ carbon fibre-based smartwatch

IBM has unveiled its “worlds fastest carbon fibre watch” with a new carbon fibre wristband, which is made from carbon fibre.The smartwatch uses a special design, which allows it to

How to be rich and famous with an empire textile empire

I can’t say for sure what’s really going on here.But I can say that the new clothing empire empire empire is doing well, and that is all that matters in

How to tell if your car is rusting

CAROLINA — It’s a little known fact that the car you’re driving can be your final destination.It’s a fact that’s only getting worse.A new study finds that by 2040, as

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